Senior Software Engineer
Senior Software Engineer CV

Senior Software Engineer CV

Sergei Tvorogov

[email protected]

8+ years of software development experience
Node.js (MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, Postgres),
Some Golang / C++
Java (Spring)
Amazon Web Services
12+ years of system administration (Linux, FreeBSD, Windows Server systems, various virtualization platforms — Docker, Proxmox, Xen, HyperV)

Work experience

  • Senior Software Engineer at VistaCreate (ex. Crello). May 2021 — Present.

    Full-stack development from backend (Node.js, Golang) to frontend (React, Vue) in B2B team, developing new solutions for company’s partners, code reviews.

    Technologies — TypeScript (frontend/backend), Node.js (Koa, Mongodb, Redis), Golang (for microservices, image, video processing), Frontend (React, Vue), AWS. Some Ansible, k8s, bash scripting.

  • Freelance software developer, April 2016 — May 2021.

    Various projects for regular customers — data parsers, data collection systems, development and rework of various projects — from a taxi ordering system to wholesale spare parts selling system.

    Technologies — Node.js (Koa, Express), Java (Spring), Databases — Mongodb, MySQL, Postgres. AWS (EC2, Lambda). Some C++ (OpenCV, images processing)

    System administration for different clients — various versions of Linux, Windows Server, Proxmox, Xen Server, HyperV, Asterisk, NGINX

  • Software Developer at Taksa Taxi Service. 2014 — 2016.

    Development of taxi ordering system, fixing bugs and making minor changes in Android application, parsing data, reports automatisation.

    Technologies — Java (Spring), Node.js (Express), PHP, Databases — HSQL, MySQL, Mongodb, Redis
    System administration — Debian Linux, Xen Server, haproxy

  • Programmer at JSC KAMAZ. 2013 — 2014.

    Developing plugins for CAD/CAM/CAE systems, rewriting legacy code from Fortran/Pascal to C/Java.

    Technologies — Borland C, Visual C++, Java
    System administration (Red Hat, Windows Server, Solaris, web servers — Cherokee, Apache)

Projects examples:

Real estate VR platform (Node.js, MongoDB, AWS Lambda (C++ image processing))

System for collecting data from Uber, Gett, Yandex (parsing multiple accounts, two-factor authorization, parsing letters in the mail, collecting data on trips, payments, drivers, etc., creating drivers, crediting payments, generating reports, horizontal scaling for several servers), technologies — Node.js, PhantomJS, MongoDB.

Millions of rides and payment records —

System for collecting data on balances and tariffs of SIM cards (up to 4000 numbers per hour, horizontal scaling to several servers), technologies — Node.js, PhantomJS, MongoDB

Monitoring system for GSM modems for internal needs (own shell in GSM modems, data collection), technologies — Node.js, MongoDB,

System for sending SMS messages and managing GOIP equipment (monitoring of SIM card banks, monitoring of GOIP gateways, moving SIM cards, collecting incoming messages, USSD requests, rebooting equipment directly from the control panel, etc.), technologies — Node.js, PHP, MongoDB, MySQL

Project for sending messages via Viber / Whatsapp. Rewriting Java backend, a complete rewrite of the Android application (our own rooted bootloader, image recognition using OpenCV)

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